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Technology Timeline 2017

Technology Timeline 2017

Marcus Morrell
UKIMEA Foresight Lead

20 emerging technologies with the potential to disrupt the built environment

The Technology Timeline 2017 is an interactive pdf showcasing 20 emerging and future technologies with a high disruption potential for the architecture, engineering and construction sector.

The timeline examines the attributes and possible applications for the most impactful 20 technological innovations in the short, medium and longer term. The timeline offers insights into plausible timescales in terms of any given technology’s development, from concept through to commercialisation and mass adoption.

While the scale and maturation rate at which technological change will happen is fraught with complexity and uncertainty, we can make some assumptions about the pace of change and likely impacts across the breadth of the sector. This analysis has enabled us to indicate what we might expect to see in the rapidly evolving realm of new technology.