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Global foresight manager

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Perth 2050

Perth 2050

Dr Anne Kovachevich
Australasia Foresight Lead

Four perspectives establish a vision for Perth in 2050

Cities are complex and dynamic. City administrators and policymakers make decisions daily that shape the trajectory of urban growth, operations and consumption patterns. In the 21st Century, we have unheralded opportunities for our cities to be data-driven and responsive, and citizen-centric at the same time. After all, our cities are nothing without civic vibrancy, success and pride.

In this thought paper, four of Western Australia’s rising engineers and designers at Arup establish a vision for our city in 2050 based on a theme they have selected. Their brief was tied to Arup’s global commitment to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and UN-HABITAT’s World Cities Day 2018 themed this year Building Sustainable and Resilient Cities.

Perth 2050 presents four perspectives from rising engineers and designers at Arup to establish a vision for Perth in 2050.

  • Digital services and districts – common sensing: towards a perceptive Perth
  • Seamless and integrated mobility – Transcity 2050: how we made public transport king
  • Sustainable urban water management – water off the grid
  • Resilient urban systems – symbiosis of city: a pattern in the matter of size