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Josef Hargrave

Global foresight manager

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Future Transport UK

Future Transport UK

Marcus Morrell
UKIMEA Foresight Lead

50 issues shaping the future of UK transport

The Future Transport cards are a set of fifty cards describing trends and issues shaping the future of transport in the UK. The cards are structured around the STEEP framework covering social, technological, economic, environmental and political areas of change. They are relevant to all modes of transport — for people and goods — and have been designed for use in assessing future trends and in exploring efficient and effective transport systems, solutions and services which deliver positive social and environmental benefits.

The cards look through a macro lens and offer the broadest approach to stimulating thought around the priority issues for improving the mobility and vitality of our urban environments, delving into household patterns, the challenges of an ageing society, the digital economy, active transport, and policy integration – to name a few.

They have been widely utilised by our clients and in our workshops and have been a valuable resource in prompting deeper thought into the wealth of options available in design and delivery of urban transport systems.