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Global foresight manager

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Future of Schools

Future of Schools

Dr Anne Kovachevich
Australasia Foresight Lead

Rising automation, emerging jobs and life-long learning are shaping the future of schools

The global job market is rapidly changing. Schools must prepare students with the knowledge, skills and adaptability for unknown jobs and technology that has not yet been invented. At the same time, students should learn sustainable living practices and responsible consumer habits to ensure the wellbeing of communities and the environment.

The school of the future will be an adaptable learning environment, integrating digital technology and online tools to meet students’ changing needs. Collaborative spaces and a close relationship with the local community will develop support networks and encourage life-long learning.

This report examines the key trends changing our understanding of learning and shaping schools of the future. The findings are a synthesis of research and trends across the education sector, with global examples of best practice and insight from industry experts.

Students in schools with a strong sense of community are more likely to be academically motivated; to act ethically; to develop social and emotional competencies; and to avoid a number of problem behaviors.

Eric Schaps
Creating a School Community

Every learning experience is about getting the pupils to have an emotional connection to it because if the heart is excited then the mind always remembers.

Ivanka Rancic
Delany College