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Josef Hargrave

Global foresight manager

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Future of Offices

Future of offices in a post-pandemic world

In just a few months Covid-19 has changed how and where we work, forcing different and flexible ways of working. This will influence office user’s needs and requirements moving forward which will have a direct impact on how a building can perform in the long term.

Already the pandemic has accelerated a range of pre-existing trends in the commercial property sector around health and wellbeing, activity-based working, flexibility and the drive for better space utilisation. Sustainability, smart buildings and the digital workplace are an integral part of this transformation, reshaping what will be the office space of the future.

For commercial property owners, developers and tenants alike this has caused a high degree of market uncertainty. As we navigate this changing landscape together, we take a look at some of the arising themes and thinking from our Property teams around the world. Each global region is emerging with a fresh set of experiences and insight around what impact this is likely to have on us all – as investors, developers, owners and end users.