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Energy 2.0

Energy 2.0

Energy 2.0

How can we achieve a low-carbon future?

The environmental impact of fossil fuels is widely challenged, so what will our renewable energy future look like? Drivers of Change Energy reveals the key trends and issues shaping the future of energy. From rising consumption driven by urbanisation to the 1.3 billion people without access to electricity in 2015, the drivers illustrate the huge challenges and opportunities we face.

Should the polluter pay?

Carbon taxes can artificially raise the cost of fossil fuels responsible for CO₂ emissions. This tax approach leaves details of how and when to switch from fossil fuels to low-carbon alternatives to the market. Companies can avoid tax liability by investing in energy efficiency and low-carbon energy.

Drivers of Change Energy 2.0 helps individuals and groups to explore and prioritise the trends and issues most likely to affect them, informing discussion around possible challenges and solutions. The trends help to underpin a broader perspective on the present and future of energy. The 25 drivers are organised into five categories based on their main area of impact: Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental and Political. The chosen drivers are informed by research, interviews, workshops and interaction with Arup’s global network, as well as consultation with our broad spectrum of specialists.

Drivers of Change app

This unique platform presents the most impactful trends, innovations and system interactions determining our collective future. The app offers an informed starting point for conversations within communities and companies alike.

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