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Climate Change 2.0

Climate Change 2.0

Climate Change 2.0
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From sea level rise to drought, how will our world change as temperatures rise?

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. From rising temperatures to declining biodiversity, the Drivers of Change Climate Change cards examine the impacts of climate change on the future of the natural and built environment. The cards examine key issues, including drought, arctic thaw and sea level rise, that remain at the forefront of the climate conversation.

How high will the seas rise?

One of the most tangible impacts of global warming is the widespread disappearance of land and sea ice. Global sea warming and expanding waters account for one-third of universal sea-level rise, while the remaining two-thirds is a result of melting ice sheets in Greenland, Antarctica and mountain glaciers. Extreme projections of polar ice sheet melting anticipate a resultant rise in sea levels of over 6 meters by the end of this century.

Climate change is disproportionately contributed to by wealthier countries, while poorer nations and lower income demographics emit significantly less carbon yet suffer the most from climate change impacts. Anthropogenic CO₂ emissions have significantly impacted our natural environment, including increasing absorption of atmospheric CO₂ in the world’s oceans. As a result, ocean acidity has risen by 30%, with predictions indicating these levels may rise by 150% by the end of the 21st century. The Drivers of Change Climate Change cards examine the key political, environmental, social, economic and technological drivers of climate change.

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