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Josef Hargrave

Global foresight manager

Phone icon +44 (0) 20 7636 1531
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Yannick Lenormand

East Asia Foresight Lead

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Hong Kong

Yannick specialises in envisioning the future of the built environment and leads Foresight in the East Asia Region. He works with clients across a broad range of sectors to identify and analyse major trends and future-proof their project or business.

Prior to joining Arup, Yannick worked in service design and product innovation for over 20 years and covered a broad range of sectors, including consumer electronics, telecommunication, food and beverages and music. Yannick bring design thinking to foresight projects and believe that the creation of meaningful innovations to improve lives requires a vision supported by insight and inspiration.

Follow Yannick on Twitter: @kynohk

Jenna Witzleben


New York

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Emily Clements



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Nicole Perez

Service Designer


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