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Josef Hargrave

Global foresight manager

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Strategy and visioning

Strategy and visioning

Create a common vision to build resilience against uncertainty

Create a common vision to build resilience against uncertainty

Josef Hargrave
Global Foresight Leader
+44 (0) 20 7636 1531

How can we future-proof our designs, strategies and solutions?

We help our clients understand change and create long-term value for their business. We design and facilitate multi-stakeholder workshops that help to define a strategy or common vision for an organisation, business unit, project or initiative. These programmes enable intra-firm collaboration, support innovation programmes, and enable forward-looking and collaborative decision-making. Our work ranges from city-scale projects to those that focus on a specific capital project or investment.

City or district-scale strategy

Early vision and strategy work helps city governments, developers and other organisations set a long-term strategy for a city or district. For example, we helped Brisbane County Council to develop a vision for a smart city and outline a clear roadmap to delivery.

Building-scale strategy

We help our clients to explore future opportunities and challenges related to mixed use developments or a new building. We use insights from trends research and international best practice to explore opportunities for innovation. We combine this with design thinking approaches to create integrated and human-centred designs.

Future of hydrogen economy

Partnering with specialists in energy technology, programme management and advisory, Arup Foresight developed a vision and roadmap for Arup and its clients on the future of the Hydrogen Economy to 2050. The work has been validated by government and industry, and will help shape investments into further research and projects.

Project-scale strategy

We develop insights and deliver workshops that help our clients understand, design and implement new products, services and business models. For example, we helped BASF identify future growth fields that could inform their building materials product innovation pipeline.

Arup's understanding of the AEC industry, the emerging technologies and potential new business opportunities in our sector has been impressive. Jointly with our experts we were able to identify a number of promising strategic opportunities for Ardex.

Marco Schröder
Head of Innovation, Ardex

Our expertise

We help organisations understand change, identify opportunities and make decisions that build resilience for the future. Our set of capabilities give you unrivaled support to explore, define and shape the future of the built environment.

Insights and trends

How can we identify emerging risks and opportunities? Our team scans a global network of sources for new trends, insights and cutting-edge thinking.

Scenario planning

How can we be better prepared for an uncertain future? Scenarios are hypothetical illustrations of the future that help decision makers frame their strategic thinking.

Design and innovation

How can we develop new business models and solutions? We help companies to explore new opportunities for growth by breaking down visions and goals into clear decision points.

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