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Josef Hargrave

Global foresight manager

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Insights and trends

Insights and trends

Identify emerging risks and opportunities

Identify emerging risks and opportunities

Josef Hargrave
Global Foresight Leader
+44 (0) 20 7636 1531

How can we identify emerging risks and opportunities?

We scan and understand trends and drivers relevant to a wide variety of businesses, markets and sectors. We take a holistic view of the future – from emerging technologies to social changes. We map, select and analyse the context-specific trends that will shape and define the long-term direction of a project.

Campus of the future

We worked with the Vocational Training Council in Hong Kong to plan the construction of a new world-class campus. Through comprehensive trend analysis and strategic planning, we outlined what the future campus should provide and how the facilities should be designed and operated. These design principles were used to develop the architectural brief for the new building.

We use horizon scanning to identify, analyse and communicate signals of change across a wide range of themes. Our team conduct original research to look for weak signals, micro and macro trends. These insights facilitate conversations about emerging risks and opportunities. These insights are always specific to a project, client and context. For this we apply a custom approach that we co-create with our client and their project teams.

A sustainable vision for The Urban Tech Republic

How can we create a sustainable vision for decommissioned airport facilities? We helped develop a forward-looking vision to redevelop Tegel as a living urban laboratory.

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Working with Arup Foresight provided us with the relevant insights into emerging mobility trends. It was great to see us challenged by this interdisciplinary team and it was fun working with them.

Uwe Tschischak
Head of Business Transformation Office at Volkswagen Financial Services (FSAG)

Inspire insights database

Our Inspire insights database is a key part of our dedicated horizon scanning programme. The database captures, organises and communicates weak signals for innovation and disruptions across the built environment. We use this knowledge to identify the trends that are most relevant to our clients.

Emerging insights and ideas

With over 1,500 emerging insights and ideas highlighting change and innovation in the built environment, Inspire helps to future-proof design and enable strategic thinking. Through detailed research and careful selection, the tool captures new ideas and unexpected solutions.

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Our expertise

We help organisations understand change, identify opportunities and make decisions that build resilience for the future. Our set of capabilities give you unrivaled support to explore, define and shape the future of the built environment.

Strategy and visioning

How can we future proof our designs, strategies and solutions? Organisations and large projects need a common vision to ensure that different components and contributors can effectively work towards a common goal.

Scenario planning

How can we be better prepared for an uncertain future? Scenarios are hypothetical illustrations of the future that help decision makers to frame their strategic thinking.

Design and innovation

How can we develop new business models and solutions? We help companies to explore new opportunities for growth by breaking down visions and goals into clear strategic decision points.

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