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Josef Hargrave

Global foresight manager

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Arup Explores

Alvise Simondetti
Global Explores Lead

Arup Explores is a series of events and learning journeys focusing on emerging trends and themes with a high disruption potential for Arup, our sectors, and our clients. For each program component, we bring together a selection of Arup staff with leading practitioners to investigate a chosen theme.

Designing with digital fabrication

Construction as we know it is changing. Offsite manufacturing, modular construction and a new approach to machine intelligence are supporting radical new building techniques. These changes are challenging how we design, how we choose and use materials, and how we make decisions.

Will we still require steel frames? Will certified standards become obsolete? Can we create structures without formwork for concrete? Our events and exhibitions examine the implications of emerging digital fabrication techniques on our firm, our industry and our clients.